Season 3


ROP Fest Wrestling Stars: Chris Masters, Tiny Iron, Drake Destroyer, Badshah Khan, So Cal Val, Armitis & many more ROP Fest Live Concert Artists: Sahir Ali Baga, Bilal Saeed, Sahara UK, Gul Parna and many more…

Videos and Trailers


ADAm banseba

Adam Benseba’s started his wrestling career 5 years ago and he is expected to be one the rising stars in wrestling career.

KC Spinelli

Tango Tim Wyllie

Yacine Osmani

Badshah pehalwan khan

Badhshah Pehalwan Khan was born in Wah, Pakistan . This 21 year old Pakistani wrestler is 5ft11 tall and nearly 220 lbs.

Mariah May

Sam Gradwell

Heddi karaoui

Heddi Karaoui is a French Professional wrestler born on 1st November,1983 in Aix-en-provence, France.

Mila shmidt


Tiny iron

Ander Harrison was born in London,England on 30th August,1979. Tiny Iron started his professional life as a security guard.



Bernard Vandamme is a Belgian Wrestler born on 16th October,1971 in Bruges ,Belgium. Bernard follows two careers, as a wrestler and as a singer.

Vaillant Ludovic

Drake Destroyer

Gianni Valetta


Chris Masters

Christopher Todd Mordetzky, was born on January 8 1983 in Santa Monica, California, United States of America. 



Gul Panra

Bilal Saeed

Aima Baig

Sahir Ali Bagga

Asrar Shah