About Us

About Us

Who we are

ROP is the only Pakistani wrestling company. Bringing International wrestlers to Pakistan.

Wrestling Competition

First Ever Wrestling Entertainment in Pakistan

Strongman Competition

Pakistan First-ever Strong Man Competition. 

Talent Hunt Program

A Program to find talent and training them for international events


Academy to provide a platform for young stars to polish their talent


Live music entertainment for the audience

Our Story

Ring of Pakistan was founded with the aim of promoting wrestling which is the world’s most watched sport shows. Before the inception of ROP, there was no formal body to promote wrestling in Pakistan. The team at ROP has successfully structured a platform for wrestling fans and athletes. Ring of Pakistan is working in accordance with international standards to develop and promote wrestling in Pakistan.


The organization vision is multi-fold

Our Vision

Promoting Professional wrestling in Pakistan

Providing a platform to the local athletes

Enhancing the image and reputation of Pakistan