Headline: The inaugural ceremony of Ring of Pakistan (ROP) International Chapters in European Parliament, Brussels


“The way the artist does not have any borders, there should be no border for the game”
The inaugural ceremony of Ring of Pakistan (ROP) International Chapters was held in the European Parliament Brussels. In which the administration has shown Pakistan’s soft image by showcasing Pakistani cultural Show and Wrestling showcasing in different countries of Europe. Our representative in Brussels, Mirza Imran Baig is reporting us.

First of all, I congratulate the organizers; it is very important day for Pakistan because Pakistan’s soft image has come to the world regarding Ring of Pakistan. And it’s a great pleasure for us as a Pakistani. For the first time in the history of Pakistan in 2018, international wrestlers show colorful patches in the bustle of Ring of Pakistan (ROP). The inauguration conference of Ring of Pakistan’s International Chapter held in the European Parliament Brussels in hosting of MEP Wajid Khan. It has been explained by the administration now that Pakistani wrestler is also in different countries in Europe will show their patches in bustle of Ring of Pakistan. The administration said while talking with Dunya News we will show Pakistan’s soft image through the game in these countries.

EU Parliament Brussels is a world diplomat hub, and then we think that if we want to show the real image of Pakistan, and it would be the best place. And today’s aim was to start an new industry from the events we have done in Pakistan. And we start recruiting Pakistan wrestler to take them an international platform; we call all European collaborator and all of our wrestlers. We want to held events which may include Brussels, because it has iconic value, so that our culture will exchange and World knows that the Pakistan great potential of wrestling. Our Prime Minister Imran Khan also has a sporty background the world knows that which may also helps us.

We also visit different cities like Lahore and Gujranwala in Pakistan; they all are strongly waiting that someone does revival in wrestling. Yes, there is a slight difference in the patch but they all are in our priority list, soon you see Pakistan Wrestling in Europe. And we do a Pakistani Fair, in which we invite Pakistani singers; it will also have Pakistani cuisine so that locals also attach with Pakistani culture. Soon! Pakistani wrestler showcases their art of wrestling in different countries of Europe. In this opening ceremony Chairman of Ring of Pakistan Syed Asif Ali Shah, Managing Director Imran Shah, Dirctor Dr. Ejaz Hussian, Board advisory member Miss Sumaira Farhat and European Parliament members also present.

The inaugural ceremony of Ring of Pakistan (ROP) all Participants show commitment to present the soft image of Pakistan to the World.

[Reporter: Mirza Imran Baig, Dunya News, Brussels]