The Golden Era

If we turn the pages of history regarding sports in Pakistan, the nation was considered as to be one the greats in sports world. Sports in Pakistan were on the top. Not only in Cricket or Hockey but most of the sports there are. From 1970 to 2000 Pakistan dominated the sports world clearly. Pakistan remained the best in Hockey during this term. Pakistan has the world record of most wins till now. Pakistan has won world cups of 1971, 1972 ,1982 and 1994. Pakistani Hockey team brought the Asia Cup of 1982, 1985 and 1989 home. Now if we talk about squash, Jahangir Khan, the former No 1 ranked squash Player is considered to be the best squash player in history. He won World Open six times and British open for a record number of ten times. His winning history remained from the years of 1981 to 1986 and for 555 consecutive matches, another world record. Then comes Jansher Khan. Another former World No 1 player having the record of 8 victories in World open. His retirement brought the end of Pakistan’s dominance in squash.

The Fall

The golden era passed. Sports in Pakistan was facing problems and no one realized until the second millennium prevailed. Pakistan lost its glory. Pakistani hockey team struggled to secure a top position in tournaments from 2005 to 2011.  After the retirement of Jansher Khan no other Pakistani player won the World open, not once. Pakistan kept struggling at all platforms in all sports. Sports in Pakistan has come to its worst condition.

What happened?

The time for 2000 and afterwards was not so promising for sports in Pakistan. The question is what happened? There is no specific answer in this matter but it surely needs proper attention. Pakistani government must have lost focus at sports in Pakistan. We need to work hard again and raise proper awareness for the revival of sports in Pakistan. The authorities handling sports in Pakistan must be looked upon to understand and rectify what ever happened to it. Pakistan being best is now not even close. Efforts on individual and national level are important for the betterment of sports in Pakistan . Ring of Pakistan is a recent but effective step in this matter. Its goal is to bring professional wrestling to Pakistan and it may prove to be the benchmark to the rise of sports in Pakistan. It may seem unreal but various facts should be considered while talking about the efforts of Ring of Pakistan (ROP). The most viewed game globally but with no presence in Pakistan till Ring of Pakistan got formed. Secondly, ROP organized an event of wrestling in Pakistan in 2017 in which more than 20 wrestlers participated. Most interesting fact about the event of wrestling in Pakistan was the participation of internationally renowned celebrities and wrestlers. After setting a positive precedent, ROP is all for second edition ROP Season2k18. Once again ROP is bringing in more than 2 dozen wrestlers to Pakistan but in better and bigger way. This shall give hope to many other sport organizations to continue the pursuit of sports development in Pakistan.