Pakistan is a country that loves sports but the question is, are we ready?

International Sporting Events in Pakistan:


Sports in Pakistan has been facing difficulties in the last decade. Efforts and desires have always been there to promote sports in Pakistan. Despite of the difficult situations faced by Pakistan, the pursuit to develop and promote sports in Pakistan has constantly been there.

PSL T20:

Most recent of them is the cricket league, PSLT20. PSLT20 final was a big event that ensured revival of international cricket in our country. The final proved very fruitful as Sri Lankan team promised a T20 series in Pakistan.

Other Ventures:

Ronaldinho Gaucho, an international football star, visited Pakistan and showing our country is ready for mega events. He played two football matches promoting football in Pakistan.

Professional Squash Federation has given Pakistan the rights to conduct 19 squash tournaments until December. All these past and future events clearly signifies that Pakistan has everything it takes to host international sport programs in Pakistan.

Wrestling in Pakistan:

Another success story was witnessed at International wrestling event which took place in three cities of Pakistan. Professional wrestling came as surprise for Pakistan. It was 2017 when ROP, the official wrestling company brought in more than 20 international wrestlers to Pakistan. Internationally famous professional wrestlers like Tiny Iron, Badshah Khan, Wade Berret, Alberto del Rio, Rey Mysterio and many others came to Pakistan. The wrestling event in Pakistan also gave a hope to other sports companies to continue their work.


Initiatives by the Government:

Pakistani government is doing anything it could to promote sports in Pakistan .The public departments stated that improvement in sports is top priority and a task force was assigned. With the mutual collaboration of private business firms and related official departments sports in Pakistan is being revived. President of Pakistan Olympic Association said that Pakistan may host South Asian Games and Islamabad will be the prefect venue for it. As far as security is concerned, the PSL final is perfect example in this matter. Pakistani Government is eager to take sports in Pakistan to the upper level. Pakistani Government plans to spend billions of rupees conducting tribal and district tournaments so it’s clear every effort is being made.

The Nation and The Mystery:        

Nation is full of vigor when it comes to sports in Pakistan. They watch it, play it and follow it as it with extreme enthusiasm. Pakistani Hockey team has won the World Cup 4 times which is a world record. Pakistan won the 1998 World Cup in Cricket. Pakistan won Champions Trophy 2017. As of 2018, Pakistan is ranked number one in T20 ranking. Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan are two globally renowned players. Jahangir Khan ranked no 1 player and Jansher Khan winning World open for a record of 8 times during his career. The list of achievements shows that Pakistani nation has a brilliant history in sports. If we speak of snooker then a young Pakistani snooker player Babar Masih won Asian team snooker championship.All these victories indicate the importance of sports in Pakistan. Semifinal of the World Cup 2011 between Pakistan and India is the second most viewed program ever. So we sure do love sports. Are they ready? Sure they are but the mystery still remains what are they waiting for. Well we all would have to wait but it sure seems big. Stay tuned folks. #ROP# Wrestling in Pakistan #Wrestling.