Any kind of advertisement which may be in kind of Electronic media, video, Occasion, printer, pictures TV programs from Ring of Pakistan, Inc’s, events also combine with the content on the website are safe with Pakistani and international copyright laws. Any individual person who use this material which is form of videos, pictures for his business or other illegal activity of any kind, without our authorisation, damages the copyright laws.

Moreover, Ring of Pakistan, Inc’s. trademarks and administration marks, including not just its reality acclaimed ROP and ROP marks, yet additionally the Superstars which are taking part in it, their names are (like Chris Master, Cyanide, KC Spinelli, Mila Smidt, Hakeen, Heddi karaoui, Red Scorpion, Ho Lun and so forth.), are secured by Pakistani government, and also by the international sanctions. Any person who uses our engravings for business or any illegal purposes without our assent on stock or organisations so it debilitates the obvious idea of our engravings or that makes the likelihood of perplexity with our engravings, is committed for trademark infringement.

Obligation for copyright or trademark encroachment includes the potential for critical common harms, incorporating into specific cases, statutory harms, risk for up to multiple times genuine harms, and lawyers’ expenses.
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