“Ring of Pakistan (ROP) is Magnificent”

When you think a wrestling ring, the name Tiny Iron comes into our mind. He is wrestler, actor and one-time bodyguard. Minor Iron appeared in his wrestling profession in 2007. He began his profession in an English establishment of Wrestling Force. He was cherished by wrestling fans for his tremendous biceps. Hello did I ask you, you are not tiny? Ya! Man thank you for the great invitation and conversation.

What happens when you walk down in a street and people taking pictures, you know it’s all good; people just show love and it apart on my daily life. First, tell me you’re wrestling tournament in Pakistan? Was it tough? It was a magnificent, from Ring of Pakistan (ROP) we all sit together, wrestling is just a vehicle, and all you need love, peace, and unity. You know to bring that to Pakistan and you know everybody to get up, the 20 wrestlers around the world, all came down here from America, Canada, and Europe and also from other parts of the world.

So, wrestling is the thing that you are doing right now, but before the wrestling, you are a bodyguard. Ya! Used to be bodyguard, to look after someone, you it’s a part of steps that have taken. In the end, it’s a great experience. It teaches me a lot of things for example how to behave with people and fans. It’s a great sprite that people start to recognize you. And after that I out feet in acting industry step by step.

Ok, go to you back history, people chanting you, what do you think? I was a crazy man. You know learn about the people, they always love you, wrestling is all about entertainment, family entertainment, you know your family member, grandmother, kids it put all your family member together, it’s all about love, peace, and unity.

Ok, thank very much for being with us.


[Reporter: Lucrezia Millarini, iTV News, London, United Kingdom]