Ring of Pakistan Has officially Released the video Message of Former WWE NXT Wrestler Tom La Ruffa Confirming he is Coming to Fight in Ring of Pakistan. Pro Wrestling Fans across Pakistan are anxiously waiting for Ring of Pakistan 2k18

Ring of Pakistan Will hold two Mega Wrestling Events

7th December in Karachi

9th December in Lahore 

Tom La Rufa

Thomas Sylvester La Ruffa was born on 4th May,1984 in Nice, France. He is famous for his work in WWE under the stage name of

and in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as Basile Baraka. Currently, he goes by the name of Tom La ruffa. Tom La Ruffa is a living Spartan. Bringing back the forgotten glory of the gladiators fighting in the Colosseum. The vigor and valor of this man is what makes him outstanding.

Professional Wrestling Career:

Tom La Ruffa  got his training by Lance Storm at Storm Wrestling Academy till 2006. He debuted in wrestling in Power Zone Wrestling in Canada. He lost his first match. He joined the European franchise, The Wrestling Stars in 2008 and celebrated exceptional fame there. Beating the continents top wrestlers Tom La Ruffa was people’s favorite. He worked there for four years and left in 2012. Thomas signed a contract with WWE for the developmental wing NXT. He worked there under the name of Sylvester Lefort. He debuted there in 2012. He worked for NXT for a tenure of 4 years and left in 2016. Currently he is working under the name of Tom La ruffa globally but is not associated to any franchise.

He fought in WCPW Pro Wrestling Worldcup and represented France.

International Hit:

Tom La Ruffa’s biggest international hit is World of Hurt. A reality television show where Tom’s trainer Lance Storm would train 10 students. Tom La Ruffa was loved in that show because he acted like a attention seeking jerk who knew everything stealing all the glamour. The show was aired in 2011 and was his best.


Tom La Ruffa has been a successful wrestler in his career. He earned fame, respect and love in the field. Some of his achievements are

  1. ABC Tag Team Championship
  2. ABC Ultimate Championship
  3. World Mid Heavyweight Championship
  4. Ouest Catch Championship
  5. PWI ranked him 200 of the best 500 single wrestlers.


The Gladiator, the Spartan,Tom La Ruffa, is coming to Pakistan to wrestle in Ring of Pakistan. First time on Pakistani Telecast, a gladiator would come down to ring to fight just as the real gladiators did, with valor and extreme show of strength. The Golden Helmet and Red cape exaggerating the fear of this wrestler. Get ready wrestling fans as Tom La Ruffa is all set for Ring of Pakistan. #ROP#Wrestling in Pakistan # Wrestling.