Pakistan is a country known for producing best sportsmen in the world but the current situations do not suggest so. The biggest sporting event, Rio Olympics 2016 were very disastrous for us . The nation known for excelling in Olympics and not leaving the victory stand for around twenty years are now not even qualifying for the Olympics. Seven athletes that participated in the Olympics were wildcard entries. Sports in Pakistan has free-fallen in the past 20 years. A very serious matter to think and work upon.

Reasons for the fall of sports:

There may be many reason for these failures that we don’t know of but some of these are prominent.

Negligence of the Government

Sports in Pakistan are totally neglected by the government. Sportsmen are not rewarded for their hard work enough except cricketers. The insufficient payment to sportsmen has discouraged them. General Zia ul Haq, former dictator of Pakistan fueled sports in Pakistan by financing it heavily. He turned sportsmen into national heroes. The fame and love they got motivated them to play even better. The subsequent governments failed to do so and hence occurring the fall of sports in Pakistan.

Irregular Flow of budget

The budgets approved by the government for various sports programs does not reach where it should. Majority of sportsmen in Pakistan come from modest families. Sports for them is not only fun and passion  but also a source of income. The sportsmen being underpaid focus on getting jobs to support their families instead of following their passion. The Chairman, Mauripur Baloch Football Club, Kamal Durra, said that previously, there was a sports fund for primary schools before Partition to encourage teenagers. Sports children got milk as a reward for maintaining their health and keeping physically fit. The Mauripur Football Club has been working since 1932 and has played a key role in promoting

sports activities, producing several world-famous footballers. It was announced that each town will have a modern football club but the dream is yet to be fulfilled.

Furthermore, a team needs around Rs5000 for buying a kit which was paid by the government but now they don’t even pay a single rupee. When there is no furniture or water for the kids in school how can they afford the luxuries of sports and libraries.

Prehensile Officials

Officials given the responsibility to look after sports in Pakistan are not performing their duties with honesty. They prefer their individual interest over national gain. Former officials like Justice AR Cornelius,4th chief justice of Pakistan and Air Marshal Nur Khan, former Commander in Chief, a war hero were responsible for sports in Pakistan. These great men made Pakistan dominant in the world of sports. Their honest efforts brought and sustained the golden era not only in cricket and in hockey but in many others. Men who succeeded could not do so. The departments like Pakistan Crikcet Board, Pakistan Hockey Federation and Paksitan are run by official working for their own interest resulting into the downfall of sports in Pakistan.

Misuse of Infrastructure

What is the purpose of building further stadiums if we are not able to use the present ones properly. Sports complex of Islamabad, a huge complex dedicated to sports only but not being accessible to the nation. Another example is the People’s ground now knows as People’s stadium attracted many people to play sports . Many sports were played there like kabbadi but after its completion it has been taken over by Rangers. How would sports in Pakistan prevail if there is nowhere to play. There infrastructures must be in common man’s reach. Various tournaments and matches must be organized by local bodies for the people living there so that the interest in sports in recovered .

Old training methods

In previous times sports were all about passion and training but now methods have changed. Science plays a key role in the  overall performance of the athlete. Sports in Pakistan are still dealt with the same old methods. We did not keep up with the countries we compete with. Its like fighting a modern day battle with sticks and stones, we don’t even stand a chance. Proper research, planning and execution is required to keep up with the world.