When it comes to combat sports , training and diet goes side by side. Some nutritional experts suggest that for body strength diet is more important as compared to training. Eating clean is very important.


Boxer’s Diets:

Boxing is a sport that requires speed and flexibility . Boxers need to keep their weight minimum and strength maximum. The diet proposed to them is as followed.

White meat is perfect in diet of boxers for fast consumption. It processes faster in the body and prevents boxers from being sluggish. Red meat is a bit unhealthier as it takes time to digest. White meat includes chicken ,fish and turkey.

For the diet of boxers Protien intake is very necessary. Eggs,meat and milk are the best sources. In boxing, protein intake must be limited. We are not looking for body mass but for strength and speed.

Water is essential. Boxers must drink gallons of water to boost their metabolism. Water must be considered the finalizer in diet of boxers

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson, ate 3000 to 4000 calories a day. He started the day with oatmeal with milk and vitamins. In lunch,he had rice with chicken breast and juice. Snacks was protein shake with 6 bananas. The day ended with pasta and steak. Following the same diet plan everyday by professionals indicates its importance.

MMA Fighter’s Diets:

MMA fighters have to be exact to eat clean at the right time so when the time comes their body acts perfect. Diet of MMA fighters consists of many mixed components.

The day starts with pre workout meals. It’s a meal of oatmeal or fruits or eggs. Carbs prove very useful. They give sustaining energy. During sparring session the fighters bear blows to the gut so their stomach must be empty . For this purpose fruit comes handy . Fruits are easily digested and full of energy.

Then it is post workout meal in the diet of MMA fighters. Post workout meal must recover the lost energy of the body. Most experts like Chris Algeiri, gives his clients a , shake of protein. As he states “A whey protein shake and some tart cherry juice is pretty normal. I like tart cherry juice for its anti-inflammatory properties. “

The day ends with dinner. Dinner is packed with meat mostly with a side of healthy vegetables or rice . Meat helps muscle recover faster. After all these the diet of MMA fighters is complete.

Wrestler’s Diets:

Wrestling has two classes, Desi Akhara Pehalwani and modern Pro Wrestling. The diets of the two classes differ accordingly.

Desi Akhara Wrestling follows desi diets. The main component of desi diet is Ghee. It’s a form of butter . Desi wrestlers mostly consume sattvic foods. Milk and ghee are most sattvic foods that are known. Almonds are also consumed by these wrestler to make the meal a proper “Pehalwani Khorak “ as they call it.

Pro wrestlers must have a body full of strength . The wrestlers needs to focus on core strength as well as weight loss. The best components for the diets of wrestlers are ,

Whole grain pasta and cereals. Skim milk and low calorie yogurt. Walnuts and almonds. Fruits and lots of water.

The diet of some International Professional Wrestlers are superhuman. Tiny Iron consumes 3 whole chickens and 10 sweet potatoes daily.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s daily diet  is sufficient to feed a family of four. Its unbelievable. He eats more than 5000 calories a day which are spread over 7 meals. Main components of his diet is cod. A fish full of protein which he eats about 2 pounds daily.

John Cena , former World Heavyweight champion, has a diet that is packed with energy. Oatmeal with apple sauce and raisins, 2 whole eggs and 6 whites, brown rice with vegetables and 2 chicken breasts is what keeps this wrestler running.

The list goes on but it is obvious the diet plan these wrestlers follow makes them able to perform the feats we get to see.